We are moving to Danbury in June. I make this move with very mixed emotions. I am writing this now, because this will be our last really fully-functional weekend in New Milford.

After that, we will be back and forth to the new house and our place. When we do stay here, we will have not much to make us feel like we are at home. I love New Milford. I love living right down by the green. I thought we would live here for years and years. However, the opportunity we got, we could not pass up.

New Milford, in my opinion, is unique. It exists almost as a time capsule that you can live in, especially if you live on or just off the green. This is a rare place. American flags are draped on every building. There is a church, and a pub, on every block. This place is a postcard. People can be as critical as they want, but unless you have had the pleasure of living here, you would not know what you are missing.

I will miss walking the kids to the green to play on the tank. I will miss walking to dinner with my wife Erica when we had a sitter. I will miss the relentless care that the residents of New Milford put into their town. I will miss living in a place that makes me feel like I was a part of a time and place that no longer exists.

Most of all I will miss my friend, Al.

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