Sure, Gilbert never remembers us, but we don't care. We actually laugh every time he calls the show.

It's not the fake laugh that I sometimes do on the Ethan and Lou show just to be polite, but the real deal.

BAHAHA! Dick Van Dyke killed himself after the podcast!? Now, that is funny. Sure, it's not nice but it is funny.

When I mentioned "Duck money," I was referring to when Gilbert lost his job as the voice of the Aflac duck. Whenever he comes on, I bring it up because it makes him laugh really hard. You gotta respect a guy that can laugh at his failures, especially one that cost him a lot of money.

Gilbert is playing Sports Haven in New Haven this Saturday night, Feb. 27 at 9 PM, with my buddy John Romanoff opening the show. You can get your tickets at Tree house comedy productions.

Tickets are just 25 bucks. Be sure to check out Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast at   

You can also buy his "Dirty Jokes" CD there.