Starting Thursday July 23, you'll be hearing "WELCOME TO MOE'S!" on Federal Road.

Moe's Southwest Grill is ready to open up in Brookfield tomorrow morning, July 23, at 11AM. I was driving by this morning and snapped this photo. It's located directly across the street from Petco, at 164 Federal Rd., at the former site of The Pasta Garden.

I dream of Moe's queso and chips! And, much like when the Chick Fil A opened up down the street, Moe's is offering the first 25 people in line when they open at 11AM, a chance to win free burritos for a year! Oh God, it's so delicious!

There are a few Moe's already around Connecticut, but this is the first one in the Western part of the state.

Moe's is very much like Chipotle and Salsa Fresca, each of them feature American Southwest cuisine, with one long assembly line of workers that will customize your Burrito, Taco, Nachos, Bowl, or Quesadilla to your liking.

Welcome to Brookfield Moe's!

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