I can't drive 55, indeed.

This is a nice daydream for anyone who's ever sat for hours in a traffic snarl along I-84, which is just about every single one of us.  Check out this GoPro time lapse video of an i95 staffer making it from the Taconic Parkway to the radio station here in Brookfield. It's sped up so that the entire trip takes about a minute and a half.

I'm now going to see how many musical car references I can get into one blog post. Our driver is clearly Runnin' Down a Dream, but perhaps Flirtin' With Disaster as the big wheels keep on turnin'. It you're going to attempt this, make sure to Take It Easy while runnin' down the road trying to loosen your load. Check that you have plenty of gas so you're not Running On Empty, or you will definitely not be a  Highway Star. Long May You Run in your Low Rider down Thunder Road, but make sure you watch out for the Police or you may be Arrested For Driving While Blind. Ride On, and Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep, Yeah!