Things you need to know on May 11.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Big Congratulations to the 800 WestConn grads. Commencement was this past Saturday and former Gov. Jodi Rell gave the speech. She encouraged new graduates from Western Connecticut State University to let their intellectual curiosity guide them. Rell attended WestConn, and says the new graduates should take chances and not let fear guide them into the future.
  • Like we didn't see this one coming! "American Idol" is getting the boot.  FOX has announced the long-running singing competition show will get a 15th and final season next year. "Idol" will come to an end after one more star-studded season that promises to serve as a tribute to the previous years.  The final season will premiere January 2016. For me the show jumped the shark years ago. But I will say it's been great to see many singers from Connecticut getting a shot on it. To go along with that..a BIG SHOUT OUT to Connecticut's Nick Fradiani who is currently in the running to be the next American Idol. Best of luck to him!
  • Connecticut's commuter ride department is hoping to encourage people who drive to work to take a form of mass transit this week. CTrides is designating this week for their annual effort to get people to park their cars and try mass transit or biking to work. If you live in an area that makes it possible now's the time to try. You can go click on CTrides for more info.
  • This one is just the WOW for your day! Four-year-old Benno the dog was able to eat almost two dozen bullets last Friday.  Owner Larry Brassfield rushed the dog to a veterinarian after it threw up a nearly three-inch long bullet.  This isn't the first time Benno has eaten strange items -- he's swallowed a TV remote, a lawn mower gas filter and bras. Thankfully Benno went through surgery to get the 308-caliber rounds removed. Makes having your dog eat your shoes seem way more tolerable!

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