My grandfather was a cop in Mount Vernon and he once told me nothing good happens after dark and you should be home.  There have been many times I wished I listened to him about that.  These guys apparently did not listen to their grandpa's either. 

According to the News-Times and Danbury Police, four city men are facing charges related to an apparent incident at the Copacabana Cafe on Ives St. on Tuesday night.

The paper says that the victim, who was not named, was allegedly in an argument with Jonathan Soto. After Soto reportedly became aggressive, the victim apparently took out his phone to call the cops.

Soto then allegedly slapped the phone out of the victims hand and he and two other men are accused of hitting the victim. Police say they pulled the surveillance footage to get the evidence they needed.

Listen man, "I don't do violence" as the hippies say.  At least not anymore.  Anytime I have been involved in a verbal or physical altercation is has caused me time and money.  Get in before dark kids.  Cause as grandpa Milano says: "Nothing good happens after dark."