Dear Jodi, was it something we said, or did?

Not many people hate cold weather and winter more than me. Whenever I bitch about it, I'm reminded that I have a spot to go to in Florida. I am, however, not near retirement age, or independently wealthy. Then, I think about my high taxes and wonder, why do I stay?

Obviously, I'm not the only one. In a story from, former Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell is now also a former Connecticut resident. Rell just told Brookfield Republicans that she can no longer serve as a justice of the peace because she is now a resident of Florida.

Well Florida is warmer, and she is retired, and who wants to shovel snow anyway? Sadly, though, Rell told Hearst Connecticut Media,

Connecticut is in a downward spiral, there's no predictability for businesses, and there's no stability.

Rell says she will keep her Brookfield condominium, but her home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, is now her main residence. I wonder if she'd let me take a swim in her pool?

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