According to an article from, 2.25 million American's will take to the skies tomorrow, and I am one of them.

The article also says that tomorrow is typically the 4th busiest travel day of the year. This is alarming for me because the TSA screening lines have been in the news around the country since early spring. Now, I am headed into the mouth of the beast at the worst possible time, not only that, but I'm only going for three days.

You might ask why such a tightly wound person, like myself, would put himself in this position? Well, a wedding, of course. You think I want to go to a wedding? You think I want to go to a wedding in North Carolina? The answers are no, no and no. I was instructed that this is how I would spend my Memorial Day weekend.

Now, I have two choices to make:

Option 1 - I can lose my mind, give myself a sick stomach from stress, and end up in some sort of an argument at the airport.

Option 2 - Pop a Xanax, and have my wife, Erica, lead me around by the hand in a personal fog.

I choose option 2, otherwise I won't make it.

For those of you not flying, and instead, traveling by car, your news is not much better. According to statistics, provided by AAA in the article, there will be 38 million Americans on the roads this weekend. My only advice is that if your headed south, plan your trip so that you're headed through Baltimore and D.C. in the middle of the night. You will thank me later. Good luck to us all, and God Bless America.