According to the Orlando Sentinel, police say that an Ocala, FL man named James Raines broke into the victim's house while nude. According to the report, he bit two women and a man. He was apprehended by police and brought to the hospital, where he died later. There has been no word on his cause of death from the police, but they do suspect he may have had drugs or alcohol in his system.

Florida, you say? Drugs? Alcohol? The witnesses and police think that is possible? Who would have thunk it? Can it really be? I figure he was probably just a vampire right?

I am sorry, I have said it a thousand times. Florida is America's dumping ground. It is 90 percent human waste roaming the streets and the 10 percent leftover are at risk all because they wanted to move there and be warm. And if Florida is the the toilet of America then the drain of that toilet is Ocala.

Every weekday at 6:45 on the Ethan and Lou show we do a feature called Missed Headlines. That feature is Stupid News stories about the dumbest, oddest and creepiest criminals in the country. At least one of the stories everyday is out of a Florida newspaper. At least once a week two of the three are out of Florida and at least once a month all three stories are from Florida. There is not another state that is close.

I lived there for awhile, despite it's obvious natural beauty it lacks a very important resource. Human resources.