Quite a few people have escaped from the Brass City's extremely high mill rate and have gone on to do some great things in our world. Here are a few famous people who live in Waterbury, according to Wikipedia, that you may have heard of:

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    Michael Bergin

    (Born in Waterbury in 1969) - One of the first male "Supermodels"! And he appeared on Baywatch! His first "Big" achievement was a Calvin Klein underwear ad in Times Square.

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    Annie Leibovitz

    (Born in Waterbury in 1949) - One of the most celebrated photographers in the world. You've seen her images in every major magazine and on every major television network. John and Yoko naked? She captured that.

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    Dylan McDermott

    (Born in Waterbury in 1961) - Great actor - You've seen him in The Practice, American Horror Story, Steel Magnolias, In the Line of Fire, among many more credits. And he graduated from my alma mater - Holy Cross High School!

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    Darren Brass

    (Born in Waterbury in 1972) - Darren is a tattoo artist, and he was on the tv series Miami Ink. He adopted a portion of Waterbury's nickname "The Brass City" for his stage name.

    Photo courtesy of DCI via TLC www.tlc.com/tv-shows/miami-ink/
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    Fay Vincent

    (Born in Waterbury in 1938) - Commissioner of Major League Baseball from 1989 to 1992. Vincent was one of the investigators and negotiated Pete Rose's lifetime ban from the game

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