Great news Candlewood Lake lovers! According to the News-TimesFirst Light Power Resources has agreed to pitch in their $50,000 contribution this year!


The money will not be given directly to The Candlewood Lake Authority but will be given through a series of grants to help underwrite specific projects. Len Greene, a spokesman for First Light, said that the response from the community convinced them to come through with the $50,000, the News-Times reports.

Earlier this year, they announced they were reducing their funding to only $10,000. Three grants have been awarded so far and will be used for emergency patrol radios, a hazard buoy program and the annual lake cleanup scheduled for later this month.

U.S Democratic Senator, Chris Murphy led the charge by working with The Candlewood Lake Authority and First Light.

According to the News-Times, Senator Murphy said, "I'm pleased that First Light listened to my concerns and the concerns of local community leaders and agreed to pay their fair share. Candlewood Lake is a regional treasure, and its caretakers need to be able to rely on consistent support."

We'll see you on the lake this summer!!