Ian Bick doesn't seem to get it. After being convicted of money laundering and wire fraud, Federal officials say he's at it again!

A NewsTimes story tells of Bick's sentencing scheduled for later this month after being found guilty of six counts of wire fraud and one count of money laundering. He could be facing 8 years in prison. Despite the convictions, Federal officials claim that Bick is still involved in criminal activity. He's been accused of bilking an investor out of $15,000 so he could gamble at 'Empire City Casino' in Yonkers.

Recently Bick's been accused of turning off the sprinkler system at Tuxedo Junction, a building that he owns. He told the NewsTimes that he will be disputing the government's claims  and that a former employee, who was also an investor, turned off the system instead. Federal officials claim that Bick put the patrons of Tuxedo Junction at a substantial risk of injury by disabling the club's sprinkler system. The Feds drafted a memo that states:

Luckily, no serious safety event occured,and while this incident is not directly related to the financial crimes for which Bick faces sentencing now, the demonstrates Bick's poor character, incorrigible behavior since conviction, and his disrespect for the law.

Officials will also be asking for $500,000 restitution from Bick at his sentencing hearing. Here's a video promo shot in April of 2015 with Bick talking about Tuxedo Junction.

Federal officials claim that Bick has been lying about where he's been, what he's been doing, and who he's been doing it with. The government stated that considering the significant nature of the charges, Bick should receive a serious prison sentence.

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