Things you need to know on December 8.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • FBI agents are questioning the man who bought the two military-style rifles used in the San Bernardino mass murders.There's no indication that Enrique Marquez Jr. is considered a suspect in the attack.


  • The Connecticut legislature enters special session today to address a growing budget deficit. Lawmakers must make 350-million-dollars in cuts, but also plan to make a cut to corporate taxes.


  • 35 years ago today the world lost a legend. John Lennon was murdered on this day in 1980. Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman, was sentenced to a prison term of 20 years to life after pleading guilty to murder. Chapman has been eligible for parole since 2000, but has been denied eight times.


  • Cookie Wars! Norwalk based Pepperidge Farm is suing Trader Joe's over a cookie sold by Trader Joe's. Pepperidge Farm claims Trader Joe's Crispy Cookies too closely resemble their Milano brand cookie.

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