Eric Hites, 40, of Falmouth, Massachusetts weighs in at 560 pounds and isn't happy about it. Hites knew that if he didn't start dropping some weight and begin exercising, his overall health would eventually lead to his death, so Hites decided to bicycle across the United States and gather material for his second book.

Hites hit his first roadblock in Tiverton, Rhode Island, 90 miles from his starting point, when he developed a bent rim. In his first two weeks traveling 90 miles, Hites claims he's already dropped 60 pounds! He says he's always battled with his weight weighing in at 300 pounds at his high school graduation.

He went on to say, "I drank too much pop and didn't exercise."

He wears a size 70 pant and 10X shirt.


Hites studied graphic design in college but never finished, concentrating instead on his DJ business which found him out late drinking way too much soda and smoking too many cigarettes.

Fortunately the owner of Newport Bicycle, Rob Purdy, is building him a new bike that will be able to support Hite's weight. He has a website if you'd like to follow his progress which is

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