We all talk about how our commutes have been getting longer and longer over the years due to traffic, well it hasn't gone unnoticed.

According to The News Times, the average commute time in Fairfield County has increased over the past year. Specifically down county, between Bridgeport and Stamford really gets the worst reputation.

For those who commute between Bridgeport and Stamford, for the 23 miles on 95, spent an extra 49 hours in their vehicle due to congestion. If you were to do the math, that adds up to more than two days sitting in traffic!


Washington DC, Los Angeles, and New York also made the list for the highest amounts of traffic delays.

Here in Greater Danbury and Putnam County we can all agree that traffic has continued to be congested in our normal areas on 684 headed towards 9E and 84 through the Danbury exits.