The Yankees need one more win to get in the playoffs with like four games to go, but they are not acting like they have any interest in actually winning that game.

Will they probably win that last game that they need to get in....YES.  Is it a foregone conclusion?  NO.  Just win the game that you need and then you can go into cruise control mode.  It really is ridiculous that they are playing like this.

The fact is at this point I don't even want them to get in and I am a Yankee fan.  Their pitching staff is not set up for the playoffs and they are just plain old.  They stand ZERO chance of making any noise in the post season and my biggest fear is that if they did somehow manage to make it through to the World Series they would end up losing to the New York Mets.

So the game...don't win the game.  I don't care.  This team does not even resemble a Yankee team to me.  I cannot identify with them.