I've been an avid fan of David Crosby since the formation of the Byrds in 1965. A two time inductee into the Rock Hall of Fame, (The Byrds in '91 and CSN in '97) David's unique song writing style helped make the debut album from Crosby, Stills, and Nash a huge success in May of 1969. The album delivered two hit singles, "Suite Judy Blue Eyes" and "Marrakesh Express" and literally made them overnight superstars!


On Monday morning, March 31st, I'm looking forward to my interview with Mr. Crosby. David's excited about the release of his new solo album in over 20 years titled, "Croz." I'll also be asking about a rumored Byrds reunion, how in God's name at the age of 72, is his voice still in top form, what's it like to be working with his son, James Raymond, and does he really have nine lives. Over my 35 year career here at I-95 I've interviewed dozens of rock stars, but this is one of those rock icons who's career I've followed since 1965 from The Byrds, CSN, CSNY, Crosby and Nash, Crosby, Pevar, and Raymond(CPR), along with his solo career. I'm a huge fan and a bit nervous as well. Check out my interview with the legendary David Crosby at 8:15 on Monday morning. Man, do I love my job!