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Not one of the three of us on The Ethan and Lou Show enjoys working solo while the others are on vacation, which is the case with Lou for a couple of days this week. He's holding down the fort by flying solo on Wednesday and Thursday. I need you, the I-95 Morning Show listener, to check in with him from time to time. Give him a call asking how his day's going. You might want to ask him if he'd like to borrow a puppy to keep him company over the next 4 or 5 days. Since I'm not going to be around, he may need to borrow some money for cigs and a beef sandwich. Don't worry, he always pays me back! Don't forget he needs to feel wanted and needed, and that's where you come in. Call him at 203-775-9595(dudes only please) and invite him out on your boat or maybe over to the house for dinner and some fireworks. Show him some Lou Love!(dudes only please)!

Almost forgot one last thing.....Lou loves the movie, "Frozen." I think you know what to do!