Lou and I predicted we could realistically down maybe 60 beers during our "100 Beer Challenge" at Hat City on Tap. How many delicious craft beers did we actually drink? Check out the video:


Ethan, Danbury Titans Owner, Bruce Bennett, and Lou at Hat City on Tap

We even came prepared. We met with Missy,  I-95's Live Events Coordinator who made sure we had a designated area for the beer challenge. We even arranged for an Ethan & Lou beer runner, my attractive red-headed friend and I-95 staffer, Sarah, to make sure we had sampler glasses of beer at all times. I'm embarrassed to say that Lou and I weren't even able to down 20 beers. In fact, we didn't even make it to 10 beers! We both stopped at around 8. Were we embarrassed and humiliated? Absolutely not, because Lou and I had the opportunity to talk with dozens of I-95 listeners without slurring our words or falling down! That my friends is Winning!

I-95 Staffer, Sarah, Our Personal Hat City on Tap Beer Runner











Yes, Lou and I wimped out on the beer challenge but more importantly, we had the chance to meet and talk with dozens of I-95 listeners, numbering 1,000 strong, who were having an extraordinarily good time!

Hat City on Tap Revelers!












Hat City on Tap even attracted a slew of important community dignitaries like Mayor Mark, I-95's Pam Brooks, Mr. Morning from KICKS 105.5, I-95's Large Dave and Tim Sheehan, KICKS 105.5 afternoon personality, Linda G. and Danbury Titan's owner, Bruce Bennett!

Large Dave, Mr. Morning, Linda G., Sarah, Mrs.Morning, and Tim Sheehan










I-95's Pam Brooks and Friend

All of us at I-95 sure hope you enjoyed yourselves at Hat City on Tap. We want you to wrap your face around our next huge bash scheduled for Saturday, May 13 at the Ives Concert Park when I-95 and Kicks 105.5 bring back 'Brews & BBQ 2017' featuring the Spin Doctors!

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