You have probably heard that Dos Equis Brewers has retired "The Most Interesting Man in the World" due to non-interest.

Lou and I decided to search for the most interesting man in Connecticut. This week, we've been asking our guy listeners to call in if they think they're worthy, and, in 10 seconds, tell us why! We're taking six rounds of calls with 2 rounds each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday morning, Lou and I will invite the two finalists into our studio for our interview segments after which we will crown, "The Most Interesting Man in Connecticut," who will win a fine bevy of prizes. The following slide show is a sample of the calls we've received so far. Who do you think we should choose?

Lou and I will take 2 more rounds of calls at 7:15 and 8:15 on Thursday morning from guys who think they have what it takes to become the most interesting man in Connecticut. Then, on Friday morning beginning at 7:45, our two finalists will dress up in Gladiator outfits for the finals.

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I've just been informed that they've refused to wear the Gladiator outfits. That's OK because Lou and I will begin the interview portion of the competition at 7:45 AM and 8:15 AM on Friday, after which we'll make our decision where the winner takes all. Listen live or stream us online at I'm guessing that Lou and I will probably end up wearing the Gladiator outfits.