The i95 offices are made up of two different departments, sales and programming. Programming is the fun department which includes the main I-95 studio where all the on-air personalities hang out. Sales is the land of the "Cube People."

There are times when I worry about our sales staff because it's such a stressful job, so once in awhile I'll whip out my blood pressure cuff (Remember, I work with Lou) and mosey on back to the sales office to check up on my favorite account executives.

Walk with me here:

i95's "Cube Land", as I call it, contains a bunch of wanna-be offices or cubicles occupied by our sales force, who sell advertising to various businesses. The difference in the atmosphere between "Cube Land" and "Programming" is noticeably contradictory.

You can hear a pin drop when you enter the sales half of the building, but not so much when you walk into programming. The i95 jocks are loud and rambunctious with a variety of conversations happening at once punctuated with off color words while egos battle to the death.

The jocks are always trying to one-up each other to see who's going to get in the last word. There's laughing and crying, along with yelling and swearing.

Most of the time it's extremely enjoyable!

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