Julia Child was not a handsome woman but she sure could whip up an amazing Beef Bourguignon like you read about!Mindy and I have discovered Blue Apron, a food delivery company out of New York City that ships you fresh food right to your doorstep. You're food includes step by step instructions, with photos, on how to cook each meal and, best of all, every ingredient required to cook each meal is included. All you need is olive oil and salt n' pepper.

Blue Apron has become a passion of ours for four main reasons; we don't need to shop for groceries, helps with portion control, fresh ingredients, and the meals are simply delicious! We subscribe to the 'Three Meals a Week For Two' plan BUT you can skip a delivery whenever you choose.

Blue Apron is not for everybody. My daughter found the meals too high brow for her tastes. When you consider Sonic a gourmet's paradise, you may not appreciate Blue Apron. If you enjoy experimenting while you cook, like tossing together some basil, sage, a pound of butter, spaghetti sauce, and Captain Crunch cereal to see what happens, don't waste your time with Blue Apron.

The pictured diagrams make cooking up the recipes almost idiot proof. I have sliced my finger a couple of times. Warning; Dicing up a sweet potato is not child's play!