The earth was scorched at the Bear Creek Cafe in Hunter, NY this past weekend by the heat from the dance floor. People were in awe of the beauty of the harvest moon, the bonfire, and the fireworks, but the one thing that out shined all of them was me. I took what was a seemingly normal dance floor, and turned it into a place of fantasy and majesty.

It was as unexpected as tripping over a litter of baby unicorns and just as welcome by the guests in attendance. After that evening, the dance floor will never be the same. Welcome back to the apex, take your glory spin on the mountain top. Ethan and Lou's Dance machine is back and in full effect. It's nice to be number one, but I could not do it alone. I have to thank my team whose names I don't have in front of me at the moment, but they know who they are. Much love, people.

In all seriousness, congratulations to Scott and Kelly Donaghey. Many years of health and happiness. Thanks for giving Erica and I the honor of sharing in your big day.