According to The College Fix, freshman student, James Goodman of Gettysburg College, outed a lecture in which students who identify as masculine were shown a film. That film was titled, The Mask You Live In. The trailer of the film says the three most destructive words a young boy can hear is, "Be a man."

Here is the trailer. NSFW:

They go for shock value by hitting you with the terrible things said before the phrase, "Be a man." The words "Be a man" don't have to be paired with those statements. As someone who is raising three boys, I have said "Be a man" many times without all the nonsense up front. I say "Be a man" to my boys, because I am trying to raise men.

I don't even want to get started on how I feel about this. Let's just say that if you listen to the Ethan and Lou show, you know how this makes me feel. So, today, in response to this ridiculous message, we are starting the Ethan and Lou "Be a Man" campaign.

Send us a picture or video of you doing something manly with a visible sign somewhere in the photo that says, "Be a Man." This could be anything you consider to be manly. This does not have to be the traditional idea of what is manly either. Let's say for instance you are a man who is a hair stylist. We want a picture of you doing someone's hair with your "Be a Man" sign. That will really turn their stupid message on its ear. I will be posting a photo of me hugging my boys with a "Be a Man" sign. Get us your "Be a Man" photo or video, and we will post it on all of our social media. Join the "Be a Man" campaign today.