This is without a doubt the show you don't want to miss. If you are a real fan of the show ... then don't miss this!Be part of our family for the day. Ethan and I have done a lot of personal things on the air with our respective morning shows Ethan sold tickets to his first sons birth on the air.  Both of my children were born on the air.  Not only did we plan on broadcast their births but they happened to be born during show hours and I called Ethan from the hospital.

I've always been open about my personal life with listeners and that will never change.  I have NO regrets and have had 99 percent good experiences with sharing my life with you all so I will never stop until I am given a reason to....Wednesday will be the biggest and most personal yet and Mayor Mark Boughton will be in studio to help.  Join us please for a very personal event.

Ethan and Lou - weekday mornings from 5:30-10am on WRKI I-95...95.1M....thanks my little piggies.