Truth is, I find Donald Trump much more interesting to talk about on my show than Hillary Clinton. That being the case, we spend a lot of time talking about him, and frankly, making jokes about some of the ridiculous things he does and says. Some people they think that means I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. This guy felt that way:

Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe Hillary Clinton embodies everything that is wrong and corrupt in U.S. politics. That does not mean I have to spend equal time dogging her on the Ethan and Lou show. My only responsibility is to present the funniest and most entertaining program I can. For a host of any show, whether on TV or radio, Donald Trump is a Godsend. Material for days. Does that mean I disagree with all that he says? No. I agree with some of it and disagree with some of it. That simple.

What this caller thought about my political affiliation and beliefs is not uncommon. People typically only catch a few minutes of our program on their way to work. People can easily miss me saying that Hillary is a crook and may catch the next segment where I say that Donald Trump was caught wearing a "Make America Great Again" sombrero in Mexico. Just jokes people and they happen to be my job.