I have two boys...time for a little lady. 


That is my niece Eva.  I love her so much.  Now my boys turn 6 and 5 this summer and I love their faces.  They are the best.  Their mom and I planned that they would be close in age and it was the best decision I've ever been a part of in my life.  Her and I are divorced and I did not plan on having more kids until my sister Renee had my niece Eva.  I fell in love and ask Eva to marry me everyday.  My boys whether you would believe it or not respect their elders, play outside, say please and thank you and are sweet to each other.  I've made a lot of mistakes in my life but I already know how to raise men...THANKS DAD.  But this girl thing, it's different.  If I get married again, I want a girl.  They are heart melting machines.  This is my dude.