Uh-Oh. Could this incident spell trouble for the new electric car push in Connecticut?

I literally just blogged about a program with which Connecticut is looking to increase electric car sales. In it, I mentioned that near my house, I see two large public charging stations that are barely ever used. Then, I came across this tale of woe:

In a story from newstimes.com, the town of Kent's electric vehicle charger has been mostly unused since it was put in 18 months ago. Then, a man who works in Kent, started using it daily.

Hey, I'm with him. The thing is just sitting there, pretty much unused. But according to the NewsTimes story, town officials were none to happy about it. It seems that the charger was put in for tourists to use when they visit town shops and businesses, so officials didn't dig that one guy was raining on their parade by occupying the charger.

The driver who didn't want to be named, has decided to take a different car to work. He told the News Times:

I was discouraged by that. It wasn’t worth the headache

I see both sides of the coin at play here. The town put the charging station in for use by tourists they hope are spending time and money in Kent. A guy who works in Kent sees it sitting there barely ever used and decides to plug in. Is that wrong, or is he really just helping the town get their money's worth for it?

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