Could Earth and Mars be getting dangerously close to one another? Is there a possibility we may be a witness to a solar system catastrophe? 

According to the New York Times, on Monday night, May 30, Earth and Mars were just hangin' out in the solar system minding their own business when they discovered they had come within 47 million miles of each other. That's the closest they'd been together in a decade.

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According to NASA, Earth got a little pissed telling Mars, "Get out of my face you big bald headed red jerk! You don't even have any water up there!"

Mars yelled back, "Oh yeah? Well, what about that water disaster in Flint Michigan and Donald Trump?!"

Point by you, Mars.

On the average, Mars is 140 million miles from Earth, sometimes as far away as 250 million miles which is just the way Mars likes it. That monumental distance between the two planets means that Mars doesn't have to deal with Republicans and Democrats, super pacs, and sales tax.

In 2003, Mars began taunting us when they came within 35 million miles of Earth, bragging that they had the largest volcanoes and the highest mountain in the solar system named Olympus Mons, which is 17 miles high.

Photos of Mars Taken by Mar's Rover - Getty Images


Mars will hangin' out at 47 million miles from Earth until June 12. So, go find your telescope that you got for Xmas when you were in 5th grade, or go to

Disclaimer: Conversations between planets is not possible and was used for fictional content only. No planets were harmed in the making of this blog.

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