I did this story during Wednesday's newscast, but it so needs to be repeated!

People can be weird. People often have no boundaries. But this goes SO overboard.

Police arrested 34-year-old Michael Migani after he allegedly gave a wet willy to a 4-year-old boy he did not know, according to the New Haven Register.

Migani allegedly stuck his finger in his mouth and then stuck it in the ear of the boy while the he was playing with his mom in the waiting room of an area business.

The New Haven Register reports that when Migani was confronted by the child’s mother and staff, he fled in his vehicle. He was later stopped and arrested.

Besides the absolute "creep" factor of this story, here's what else sticks out in my mind.

Giving a "Wet Willy" was never cool. Not when we were kids, not when we were teenagers, and sure as SH**T not as an adult, even if you DO know the person.

And if there was ever a time to give someone an "old fashioned" ass whopping, this was it!


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