November 7th Donald Trump is supposed to be the host of Saturday Night Live.  Not so fast Donnie.  There are Latino groups and celebrities who hate the idea and want to stop it from happening. 

According to the Los Angeles Times Latino groups and celebrities are organizing to make NBC change their minds and tell the Donald that he cannot take the SNL stage.

There is a social media campaign called #Racismisntfunny and they are hell bent on stopping Trump.  Celebrities like John Leguizamo, Margaret Cho and Al Madrigal have lent their name to the cause.

NBC is in a lose-lose situation here.  I mean having Donald Trump on your show right now boosts your ratings instantly.  The long term effects from Latino viewers though could be very bad for the network.  The other problem is that if you tell Trump to take a hike then you set a dangerous precedent that any group or organization can threaten you and you will have to meet their demands.  The fact is this won't be the last time we see something like this with Trump.  He is controversial no matter where he goes.  He always has something to say.  This is a bad sign for anyone who thinks Trump being President is actually a GOOD idea.  If he cannot even get on a late night sketch show without a problem what will diplomatic trips abroad be like?  I have a feeling the answer is: NOT GOOD.

You cannot run around talking like this without consequence.