On certain evenings in Roger's Park, the music blasting from some of the custom made car stereo sound systems are so loud, you can't even hear the umpires call at some of the softball games that are being played in Roger's Park according to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton who says that's a bit excessive.

Even though I'm a certified "Geezer," I loves me some nasty bass when I listen to music, but not to the point where the "bass" feels like it's ripping my heart out!

Boughton explained, "People have the right to listen to whatever music they want, but it's just not right if you have to cover your ears when you walk by and can hear it a half mile away!"


Boughton told the News-Times that there have been an unprecedented amount of complaints. Many of those complaints come from bars and taverns located in the neighborhoods near Roger's Park who lower their music trying to adhere to the noise ordinances.

There are a handful of specially rigged cars with custom built, multi speaker audio systems that deliver concert force sound in Roger's Park. Should that be OK?

Here's my scenario ... If I invited my "geezer friends" to the park, brought my mobile DJ sound system into Roger's Park with a portable generator and started pumping out some 60's golden oldies like the Beatles, The Supremes, Cream, and maybe some Tommy James and the Shondells, would that work for everybody who had been using Roger's Park on that particular day?

Part of the problem, Boughton says, are the repeat offenders who do not respond to police warnings.


Here's the bottom line, there's a noise ordinance in Danbury that limits noise on residential streets to 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night.

Boughton said that, "I respect that people have this hobby, but people who have this hobby need to respect the law."

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