Yeah the Mayor and I have had our ups and downs.  He knows I am gunning for his job and at times he has been professional about it. Other times, well, he and I just collide and not in a good way. 

Now comes this. The Mayor tweeted (SHOCKER):  "Some lady just told me I have Donald Trump's hair."  #cantmakeitup

This lady has opened my eyes to the fact that Mark absolutely has a dead squirrel living on his dome piece.  In yo' face Marky Mark!

I will give Mark this... at least when you ask him his plans to improve the great city of Danbury he has answers. Trump has none and I mean none. What Trump has done that has been a breath of fresh air has been to identify the problems in this country with no nonsense speech and has kept the other candidates as honest as possible.

He has called them on campaign finance issues and shut down a lot of their double talk so good one him for that.

Sweet hair Mark... I'm coming for you.