Credit: bhofack2 / ThinkStock

Do you love bacon? Do you love beer? Of course you do, everyone does!

Do you have bacon mania? Well, on July 18 at the CityCenter Green in Danbury you'll  be able to revel in all things bacon at Townsquare Danbury's Bacon and Brew, a one day festival featuring all types of bacon dishes and delicacies, as well as delicious local craft beer.

Apparently, bacon mania is a thing according to Wikipedia:

Bacon mania refers to passionate bacon enthusiasm in the United States and Canada. Novelty bacon dishes and other bacon related items have been popularized rapidly via the internet.


The movement has been traced to the 1980s and 1990s when high-protein foods became a more prominent diet focus due in part to the Atkins diet. Since then, bacon focused events and gatherings celebrating the food have been reported and bacon related exploits have been featured in media accounts.

The minds behind Bacon and Brew say Americans consume over $2 billion worth of bacon each year and eat about 18 pounds of bacon per year. About 1.7 billion pounds of bacon are consumed in the food service industry.

Those people REALLY love bacon. And people love craft beer just as much! There are more than 2,700 craft breweries in the US today. Craft beer is a $14 billion market. I'm pretty sure you don't need anymore reasons to get yourself down to Bacon and Brew on July 18.

Tickets are $15 online and $20 at the door. You can purchase your tickets here.