Some people hated the prom, some loved it, some people flat out did not go. If you did go, did you see anything memorable?

Mine was memorable. At least the first part. The part I remember was memorable. Yes, that was still a time and place where teachers and chaperones looked the other way at certain behaviors. You know, not-good-behavior behaviors. We would maybe have a sip of booze or get involved in some things we were told to just say no to.

At my prom, a huge chunk of my graduating class decided to rent a coach bus instead of 10 different limos. We all got along, and figured it would be a first. It was a first and a last. I believe Brewster High School still has a ban on party or coach buses, and that is all thanks to the class of '97. When we got off the bus and the door opened it looked like Snoop Dogg's tour bus had arrived. No such luck, it was just us. A bunch of intoxicated suburban white children. The rest of the story, I would have to ask someone else 'cause I don't remember.

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