Many of us take for granted that we get to see our families around the holidays but not all families are lucky enough to have everyone gathered around the tree or the table. 

Some people make sacrifices for us that we don't even think about while we exchange gifts.  They have the burden of wondering where in the world their son or daughter is, what they are doing and are they safe.

The Ethan and Lou radio show would like to recognize these brave soldiers and their families with a small gesture by giving them a shout out.  We know it's not much and the soldiers themselves will very likely not have a chance to tune in and hear it but we think it should be done.  If you would like to hear your son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin or friends name who is bravely serving our country on our show then send us their name and any other information you think is relevant.

You can leave a comment below.

We thank all of our service members, their friends and their families.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   I know it's really hard not to cry when you see these videos but they are a great reminder of the emotional burden these families take on.

You all are the people that keep us proud to be Americans especially in a time when most of the world thinks we are a joke.  We are not a joke and that is thanks to all of you.