If you do, and sometimes you clip them a little too close, I have a tip for you!

This is my little Peanut. He's a good boy. I'm typically a good boy too, but last weekend, I clipped one of his nails WAAAAY too short. He yelped, I felt so bad. And then the blood started. Wow. It was really bad. We got the Styptic powder out, but that really did nothing. I furiously searched the net for home remedies, because visions of a $300 vet bill were dancing in my head. Here's what I found, and it really worked: a bar of soap. Seriously. Put your poor little girl's or boy's remnants of a nail right into a semi-softened bar of soap. It plugs it right up. I would have never thought of it. This has been Large's pet tip of the year, powered Chihuahua's and their adorable faches.