It's all well and good when your dad is famous and he helps you sell your cookies live, on TV, at the Oscars. But then what happens?

For the record, I was never a Girl Scout. And for the record my favorite cookie is Thin Mints. Also for the record, I always pay up!

The organization behind the Oscars promises to pay the Girl Scouts the 65-thousand-dollars that was pledged during last month's Academy Awards ceremony. Just in case you are living under a rock and haven't heard - another rock - this years Oscar Emcee Chris Rock introduced members of Girl Scout Troop 5215. Then later on, members of the Troop went into the audience to sell cookies. Sheesh, don't you wish you had a dad like that? Pledges were made left and right, but you know, people get busy and they forget. Again, for the record, I would never forget to pay up for my Thin Mints! 

Apparently the word on the street from, is that the money hasn't arrived. But now "Variety's" website posted a story saying the Academy of Motion Pictures has every intent of paying up as soon as possible. Well it was, after all, a lot of cookies!

No matter what your favorite cookie is, you can find out how to buy, and pay for them at 

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