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It is what it is.... Turns out there are 10 common phrases that many people use frequently that evoke an almost "punch worthy" emotion from those around us. So here goes - "Everything happens for a reason" (nope I hate that one, it won't ever cross my lips) "Do what you love" ( well duh...) "I've got a case of the Mondays" ( I'd punch myself in the face for that one!!!) "It's Sunday Funday" ( second punch ) "Work hard,play hard" ( no good can come from saying that-ever!! ) "Give 110 percent" ( I can feel my blood boil )'s the wind up..PamJam confession time..."No worries"..."At the end of the day".."It is what it is" Yup,those roll off my lips more than I care to admit..."I'm sorry if I made you feel that way" thank god I'm petite and can duck the bitch slap that just came my way!!! btw "Have a Nice Day"