Maybe the best invention in the history of man is the baby wipe.  I carry an industrial sized bag wherever I go. 

Yes toilet paper served it's purpose for the time when it was the reigning king of restroom aids but we have come so far and it's time to do away with toilet paper all together and move into a new era of bathroom enlightenment.  No longer will we have to wonder if we have done right by our backside rather we can look forward to a bright, prosperous and dare I say squeaky clean future.

Also anyone who has kids knows that these babies come in handy in a big way.  It usually takes 3 to 4 seconds after you utter the words "don't make a mess" that a terrible, unsightly and often smelly mess is made.

Sure my coworkers make fun of me every time I walk in the office with my Berkley/Jensen's from BJ's but deep down they know that their hygiene is in question and mine is unquestionable.  Don't let that first awkward social moment when you are spotted with baby wipes at the office be the reason you don't evolve in life.  With change comes progress...with progress comes victory and with baby wipes..WE ALL WIN.

And hey if you are on a tight budget I will do you a solid and share this helpful instructional video on how to make your own homemade baby wipes.  Do it babay.  Do it.