Not long ago, Ethan and I took a car ride together into Danbury and we filmed it. It was hilarious, and I had one of those eureka moments. We do our own take on Comedians in Cars getting coffee. So, each week, Ethan and I, or Ethan, or just myself, will hit the road and get some coffee.

Ethan could not make it out this time, so I wanted to take my buddy, Sean O'Neill, along for the ride. I met Sean years back. Sean runs the Goshen Stampede. Sean was perfect to take along today because he has a great sense of humor, and he and I have a great story.

The Goshen Stampede is June 17th-19th in Goshen, CT. I have been about five times and will be attending again this year. It's always a good time. Be sure to get your tickets.