Paul Teutul Senior used to invite Ethan and I down to the Orange County Choppers shop to broadcast live, and even let us blow some s--t up. This was right around the time that Senior and Junior were at war.

The show was at its height then. It was right around the time, I imagine, that the network convinced both Senior and Junior to fight with each other for the sake of ratings. It worked.

Years later, I now spend a lot of time watching Fast N' Loud with Richard Rawlings. Richard is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage out of Texas. He is the owner, money man and seeker of automotive gems. His right hand man and head wrench is Aaron. Richard also happens to be my wife's male fantasy so she is always willing to watch with me.

What I noticed recently, though, is that Richard and Aaron have had their moments on camera, which makes me think that the Discovery Channel is poised to use the same playbook as they did on American Choppers. They are going to have a dramatic, fake pissing contest between Richard and Aaron.

This is completely unnecessary. If I wanted to watch the Real Housewives of Orange County, I would. I don't need that. I like watching these guys find rare cars, come up with a concept, do amazing builds and present them. That is enough for me. I would imagine for most car and truck people, it's enough for them too.

I don't need to see a repeat of Sr. vs Jr., which was obviously fake.