Things you need to know on September 28.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Skywatchers are still smiling over the first "supermoon" total lunar eclipse in more than three decades. The rare event filled the night sky. Images of the reddish-orange "blood moon" filled social media throughout the night. The next one will come around in 2033.  Did you get to see it? I didn't - but you can click on SPACE.COM for some great video.
  • I'm thinking you shouldn't be "snatching" stuff from the Pope! But a U.S. Representative is bragging over being able to do just that. Pennsylvania Democrat Rob Brady is a Roman Catholic who decided to go back to the Pope's podium and pick up the glass Pope Francis drank out of during his speech to Congress on Friday. Brady's office has confirmed he did actually drink from the same glass, and even shared it with members of his staff, his staff assistant and his wife. He said he's next planning on sprinkling the rest of the water on his grandchildren.
  • Read this if you are an Apple user who recently upgraded to iOS 9. You may be getting hit with higher cellular data charges than you realize. That's because with the update came a new feature called "Wi-Fi Assist." The setting has your iPhone use cellular data when Wi-Fi signal is low. The default setting is for "Wi-Fi Assist" to be turned on.

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