I love to color Easter eggs. I love to eat those eggs. But there's a danger lurking! Who knew?

I am not an artist. I can barely draw a straight line. I can, however, stay inside those lines like nobody's business. I have always loved to color. Add me to the growing list of adults who love "grown-up" coloring books.

I still love the ritual of coloring Easter eggs. So, when I stumbled on this info from SafeBee.com, I was surprised about the apparent dangers of the tradition. Who knew? Well now courtesy of SafeBee.com we do.

Some of the highlights are:

Don't drop the egg in boiling water - it could splash and burn you.

If you crack an egg while boiling it - don't dye it - too much bacteria involved.

Keep those boiled eggs in the fridge- hard boiled eggs spoil faster than raw ones.

Don't wait too long to eat them either - they'll go bad in a few hours if you let then sit out.

And the biggest BUZZ- KILL  of them all? Don't use real eggs if you are hunting for Easter eggs outside. Turns out there's too much "ick"  like bacteria and animal poop in the grass and dirt. Plastic eggs are the way to go.

How did we survive our childhood? I'm just going to sit in the corner with my adult coloring book, a bottle of wine and a basket full of dyed hard-boiled Easter eggs.

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