Why are they doomed?

This is why.

Sports Illustrated

They done did it now. This is like the Madden curse. When Sports Illustrated approaches you about doing the cover of SI before the season you just say, "No, we have not accomplished anything yet." Matt Harvey should ask David Wright and Jose Reyes how it worked out for them the last time they were crowned champions before the season started. I'll give you a hint, it did not go well. In fact, the New York Mets ended the season with one of the worst collapses in regular season baseball history.

Already, there are questions about Matt Harvey's health. His next spring training start was scheduled for today, and had to be scrapped. The Mets have not said why, but have only told reporters that his recent doctor visit was not related to his arm.

I know, I probably sound like a Yankee fan who wants the Mets to fail, but that is not true at all. This is an exciting, young team that has the potential to do some really cool things. More important, from a selfish standpoint, my radio show is always easier to prepare when the local teams are contenders. The harder they work, the less I really have to do. So, let's go Mets, I have a lot riding on you. Oh, and can you ask Yoenis Cespedes if he would not mind getting a hit when you get to the postseason?