According to the NewsTimes, a U.S District judge has said no to the New Fairfield school board.

U.S. District Judge, Warren Eginton, said he would not dismiss the $2 million sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the parents of their 11-year-old daughter against the New Fairfield school board.

The basis of the lawsuit claimed that school officials were unresponsive to the daily sexual harassment suffered by the 11-year-old girl after she was sexually abused by a 14-year-old boy off of school property.

The girl's parents claimed that it became so bad, that their daughter thought about killing herself. The girl's father told the NewsTimes, "You look at this and say how could so many people in places of authority with training and policies in place not have done their job?"


The New Fairfield school district has said that the family's accusations aren't as bad as they claim, and that the claims are not to be considered to be of a sexual nature.

What's the end game? A judge-ordered settlement conference will take place in March, and if the two parties are unable to come to terms on a settlement, a trial would be the next step.

Here are just some of the teenagers who have committed suicide due to bullying/harassment according to Wikipedia:  Jadin Bell (15), Ryan Halligan (13), Jamie Hubley (15), Megan Meier (13), Alyssa Morgan (12), Audrie Pott (15), Phoebe Prince (15), Nicola Anne Raphael (15), James Rodemeyer (14), Amanda Todd (15), and Kelly Yeomans (13).

Schools can't turn a blind eye to students who are being bullied or harassed!

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