Where did this come from? Britney Spears was over, done with, and out of my life. Then, she pulls this at the Billboard Music Awards over the weekend? 

I'm not proud to say this, but it is true, and I feel, for the purposes of this article, you need to know that I had a shrine to Britney Spears on my wall about 18 years ago. I know, it's embarrassing and stupid, but you need to remember how straight fire she was.

Then, she had an epic downward spiral. She shaved her head bald, did a massive amount of drugs, turned her finances over to her mom and dad, and attacked the paparazzi. Now, that is how you do the whole have-your-life-fall-apart thing. That is going for big air if you ask me.

Now, she is fully back, hot as ever, grinding on a guitar, and lip syncing like no one's business. This raises so many questions for me. Do I bring back my shrine? Do I use the company printer to print out an endless stream of color photos to plaster on the walls of my apartment? Do I try and contact Britney and tell her we need to get together for coffee and a biscuit? My mind is twisted up like a pretzel right now. I was just not ready for this.