Destination America's 'Ghost Asylum Team' descended on the St. Louis house that inspired the hit movie, "The Exorcist" where 12 priests supposedly saved Ronald Doe from demonic possession.

That exorcism took place 66 years ago, and to this day paranormal investigators believe that this "hell hole of a home" still harbors demonic spirits and they're taking their cameras inside the St. Louis home for TV's first televised exorcism. Producer/Creator Jodi Tovay said, "We believe the house is a living, breathing thing, and we're going to see something too, when we actually exorcise the house if we're successful."

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Bishop James Long, the presiding Archbishop of the United States Old Catholic Church will be on hand along with paranormal investigator, Chip Coffey who told the Huffington Post, "I've learned that demons' whole reason for existing is that they want to bring down human beings. I know as a psychic and a medium, if you set out a dysfunction buffet for negative energies, they're going to come and eat."

The live exorcism aired on Friday night, October 30th at 9pm on 'Destination TV.' I'll follow up this blog with the results of the exorcism when they become available.

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