Mindy and I have signed on to deliver food to people in need in the Danbury area through Hillside Food Outreach.

Ever since Mindy and I took part in Dancing With Our Stars one of Hillside Food Outreach's major fund raisers, we made the decision to volunteer one Saturday morning a month to deliver food to four different Danbury families.This Saturday, August 27 will be our second delivery for Hillside. One of our deliveries was to a Lebanese refugee family of six that included grandparents, parents and three children. As we were walking up the steps, the grandmother came out and wrapped her arms around Mindy, thanking her over and over again. We were invited in to meet everyone, and even though there was a language barrier, I could tell how thankful they were for the food.

Hillside Food delivers once a month to housebound people who live at or below the poverty level, and aren't able to get to a local food pantry in Putnam, Westchester, and Fairfield counties. They deliver food to 513 seniors, who would otherwise go hungry. Sure, it makes Mindy and I feel good to know that we're helping out, but it also opens your eyes to the plight of individuals who, for whatever reasons, aren't as fortunate as many of us are.

Ethan & Lou and Savings Bank of Danbury, our Signature Sponsor for 'Camping For Cans' - Credit Ethan Carey

Some of the other volunteers who give up their Saturday morning to deliver food have made new friends with their clients. Some of the senior citizens we deliver to are not just looking forward to the fresh food, but are hoping for someone who they can invite in for a cup of coffee and some conversation. Every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, I-95 stages their Camping For Cans campaign where we ask you to stop down with non-perishable food items or cash donations and everything we collect goes to Hillside. If you're interested in becoming involved with Hillside Food Outreach, I know they are always looking for volunteers. Contact the Executive Director of Hillside, Kathy Purdy at 914-747-0095 or kathy@hillsidefoodoutreach.org. Trust me, she will be thrilled to hear from you!

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