Things you need to know on August 14.

Thanks to MetroNews Source for the following.

  • Connecticut's Supreme Court voted four to three to put an end to the death penalty. The majority decision finds that the death penalty no longer "comports with contemporary standards of decency" and has no "penal purpose." Right now, there are 11 people on Connecticut's death row, including the Cheshire home invasion killers.
  • A big THANKS to all radio listener's! More people are listening to the radio than ever before. A Nielsen report released last week says the second quarter of 2015 saw the highest number of Americans tuning into radio ever. The report found that 245-million people in the U.S. were listening to the radio at least once a week. That's 91-percent of the population.
  • Are you creative? Then read this. NASA is asking the public to come up with a smartwatch app design that astronauts can use on the International SpaceStation. NASA is making the challenge on FREELANCER.COM. Entries have to show what the app would look like when displaying warnings and alerts,crew agendas, and communication status. You don't have to create the app,just the design. The winning designer will be awarded $1,500.
  • The end of you mowing the lawn could be close.The iRobot company in Massachusetts, known for its robot vacuum cleaner - Roomba, plans to come out with a hands-free lawn mower. The robot lawn mower operates through a wireless connection to stakes in the ground that act as signal beacons. The company had to get FCC approval for its signal-beacon design because the beacons send out a low-power radio signal to the lawn mower.

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